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Today's kitchen cabinetry doubles as fine furniture
August 29th, 2006

The kitchen has become the showpiece of most homes. The space that once was reserved for preparing meals and doing dishes - a room where hosts would never dream of taking their guests - is now a center for entertaining and socializing.

In nearly all newer floor plans, the kitchen is open to the family room. During renovations in older homes, the space can often be opened up by removing a wall to create a more modern, useful area. These open designs mean that kitchen cabinets are very visible. As a result, they have taken on new importance, and today's homeowners often choose cabinetry with the look of fine furniture.

Installing cabinetry that complements the architectural style of the home and blends with the overall décor and furnishings creates a harmonious look so spaces seem to flow together. If other rooms in your home are decorated quite formally, for example, French country-style kitchen cabinets may seem out of place.

When choosing cabinetry, look for quality craftsmanship. Are the joints dove-tailed, or just laid up against each other? Is the finish professionally done, with wood grains carefully matched? Does the finish feel smooth to the touch? What is the reputation of the cabinet manufacturer? How long has the company been in business?

Different woods and finishes can set different moods. Deep, rich mahogany, walnut, or cherry can create an elegant, formal look. Lighter woods and finishes like maple and birch produce a more casual ambiance, while white-painted cabinets can deliver a cheerful, European-country-style tone. Including a few cabinets with glass or open fronts will produce a lighter, airier look, and can serve as a place to display beautiful dishes or collectibles.

A professional kitchen designer can help you make the most of every inch of your storage space. Shallow pull-outs, for example, are usually much more efficient and accessible than single, deep storage areas. Revolving shelves can make corner units more convenient.

Kitchen islands are very popular today. They often double as a workstation and a seating area, and offer a convenient spot for guests to gather so the cook can visit with them. An island can also provide extra storage space. Choosing an island in a different color or finish than the rest of the cabinetry can create a whimsical, playful look, while one that matches will create a traditional, harmonious feel.

Under-cabinet lighting can make a workspace more efficient, and also provide a warm ambiance or accent certain features. Details like crown molding and quality hardware are the finishing touches that add beauty and personalize your kitchen. Whatever the décor, your kitchen should be a space that reflects your personality and welcomes family and friends.

Cabinetry can set the mood in bathroom

Whether you're rushing to get ready for work in the morning or enjoying a relaxing soak in the tub at night, your bathroom should be an attractive, inviting space.

Builders today are devoting more square footage than ever to master baths, and designing them to become luxurious private hideaways. Even in an older home with a smaller bathroom, however, the right cabinetry and fixtures can give the space new style and flair.

Do you want a modern, glamorous spa-style look that will make you feel pampered? Perhaps you prefer a Caribbean theme that lets you imagine you're on a getaway to the islands. Darker woods and classic-style cabinetry or antique reproductions set an entirely different mood.

Explore a variety of cabinet styles before making a decision. Once you know what you want, insist on good quality. Bathroom cabinets are constantly exposed to heat and moisture, so a poor-quality piece is likely to deteriorate quickly. Look for all-wood construction and skilled craftsmanship. Doors should be sturdy, and drawers should glide open and closed smoothly.

A bathroom is one place you can get away to be alone, and refresh and rejuvenate yourself. Spend enough time and effort decorating it so you can truly enjoy it.

Distinctive Kitchens & Baths is a full-service design, renovation and remodeling firm working with builders, developers, and homeowners.   Distinctive brings its clients the personalized quality and beauty of high-end design at affordable prices.



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